SureSmile® in Ellicott City

With the SureSmile® aligner system, patients can straighten their teeth without wires and brackets, and without drawing attention to  a smile they’re already self conscious about, by applying pressure to gradually move the teeth and reshape the surrounding bone.

The process is easy and affordable. The doctor takes a digital scan of the mouth, and a set of custom correcting aligners is created. The patient wears the aligners day and night, only removing them to brush and eat. The trays are changed at intervals as teeth move until treatment is complete.

Invisalign® clear aligner

Clear aligner trays can be used for mild to moderate tooth movement in order to achieve the desired alignment, function and smile.  The dentist will work with you to develop a treatment plan and a series of clear aligners will be used to achieve the desired result.  Each aligner set is worn for approximately 2 weeks before the patient moves on the then next in the series.  Each set of aligners gently guides the teeth into the desired position and alignment.

With SureSmile® Aligner you can be confident your personalized treatment plan is fully customized and designed for a long-term healthy, happy smile. Learn more about SureSmile® Aligners; call our office to make your private consultation today!

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