Pediatric Dentistry in Ellicott City, MD


Is it time to start looking for a gentle children’s dentist for your family? At the office of Jennifer Sokolsky, DMD, you can be confident that you’re putting their unique needs in the hands of trained and highly skilled dental professionals you can grow with.

We’ve treated lots of kids, and we know that each reacts differently to dental visits. It’s our goal to accommodate your child and their specific needs so that they always feel warm, welcome, and safe. Our dental team works hard to make oral health fun and exciting for kids so that they always look forward to visiting us and being the center of attention!

We want to grow with your family and treat all your dental needs, from the youngest member to the oldest adult. Our kind and compassionate dental care keep our most adolescent patients happy to see us and excited about excelling in their oral health. 

Kid-Friendly Oral Health Professionals

young girl sitting in dental chair If you think dentist visits are intimidating as an adult, put yourself in the shoes of a child who has never had a dental cleaning before.

They’re in a new place filled with strange faces and sounds, and even we admit that some of our dental equipment might be a little scary-looking for a young child during their first visit. Putting your child at ease during each dental appointment with us is crucial. We want children to feel secure with health care professionals so that they can ask questions or describe oral abnormalities.

Children who are scared will endure pain and anxiety if they think it gets them away from the situation quicker. In fact, we see adults who still hate going to the dentist due to a bad or stressful experience when they were younger. We’ve found that the best approach is to slowly introduce your child to dental instruments and techniques and allow them to feel relaxed with us.

At MD Smiles, our dental team loves the feeling of accomplishment they get after helping kids feel safe and at ease about dental care. If you are ready to introduce your child to their journey towards a healthy and beautiful smile in Ellicott City, please call us at MD Smiles Jennifer Sokolosky DMD today!

Your Child’s First Dental Visit 

Dr. Sokolosky may recommend bringing your child in as soon as their baby teeth come in. The latest we would recommend for your child’s first dental visit would be one year. While it’s always exciting to introduce your child to a building block for future success, it’s entirely reasonable for parents to feel apprehensive and nervous.

How will your child react? Will they be scared, or will their innate curiosity be enough to overcome any apprehension they feel? The bottom line is that all parents want to know that their child is safe and that their first visit with us is a positive experience. Dr. Jennifer Sokolosky loves helping and caring for kids, so there’s one less thing you need to worry about!

She understands that every child is different, and she will never pressure a child who is unsure or not ready. We make the first “Happy Visit” fun and relaxing by turning it into a fun time by counting teeth, getting pictures taken, and showing them how the dental chair can be fun. Depending on your child’s age, we may showcase proper brush and flossing techniques.

Your child’s treatment is paced according to their level of comfort, and we’ll gradually work together until they feel comfortable enough for a dental cleaning. This visit isn’t meant to accomplish a lot of treatment (if any at all), but it is a valuable opportunity for us to talk to you about childhood oral health habits. We’ll discuss brushing and flossing correctly as well as advise you about potential problems like thumb-sucking and bottle-feeding.

Prevention Starts Earlyyoung children holding hands

Nothing can set your child up for oral and general health success than preventative measures. This includes regular proper brushing and flossing at-home under the supervision of a parent along with continuing education regarding diet and nutrition. When our youngest patients come in for their dental check-ups, we take time to show perfect brushing and flossing techniques for your child to practice at home, along with tips and advice. Your child may have questions about how to hold their toothbrush, or when to stop brushing. We are here to answer all your questions!

At the Ellicott City practice of Jennifer Sokolosky, DMD, we use a comprehensive spectrum of preventive dental measures—like sealants, dental bonding, and fluoride treatments—to allow your child perfect oral health at an early age. Parents may wonder about the importance of maintaining healthy baby teeth when they will just fall out anyway. While it is true that baby teeth will eventually fall out, having them rot or fall out too soon can pose problems for adult teeth. Additionally, baby teeth are good training wheels for practicing proper at-home oral hygiene.

Dr. Sokolosky will also work with parents and children regarding good eating patterns and diet to minimize any tooth decay caused by sugary or acidic foods and drinks. Some of the preventive dental services that can help your child include:

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Mouthguards and nightguards
  • Dental cleanings and exams
  • Dental sealants 

Our children’s dentistry services ensure that your child’s teeth, gums, and smile are healthy—from their baby teeth to their permanent replacements. We help protect adult teeth once they start emerging so that your child can maintain a healthy smile for life.

Emergency Dental Services for Your Child

While proper preventative dental care can forestall many emergency situations, no one can predict a sports injury, accident, illness, or other type of dental emergency. If your child ever complains of tooth or jaw pain, contact our Ellicott City dental office immediately at (410) 531-2690. Dental pain is never normal and is often an indicator of a potentially severe issue. Unlike muscle cramps or headaches, which may go away on their own, oral pain typically gets worse over time.

We know how scary an emergency can be, please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you have a question. Our knowledgeable dental staff will be able to tell you if you are experiencing a dental emergency that needs same-day treatment.

Even if you are a brand-new patient that has never been with us before, we will schedule a dental appointment as quickly as possible. Our front dental staff can also provide tips and advice on how to manage your dental emergency until you can make it to our dental office. With any kind of dental emergency, our first priority is to relieve pain and stress while we identify and diagnose the situation.

Please Contact Our 21042 Clinic to Arrange a Dental Appointment

Our welcoming dental staff loves to welcome patients and their families to our Ellicott City dental family. We make visits fun for kids—from TVs in all the treatment rooms to iPads in the playroom, we do everything we can to make their visits with us as calm and enjoyable as possible.

Please contact our dental office so we can set up an easy dental appointment for you and your child to visit with our dental team.