The Benefits and Importance of Dental Implants

There’s no doubt that dental implants will make your smile look amazing and may contribute to your emotional well-being.

Most importantly, however, implants also help you avoid many oral health problems associated with tooth loss.

What are the health benefits of dental implants?

Unlike a dental bridge, implants are a standalone unit, meaning they’re not attached to neighboring teeth through supporting dental crowns. This allows them to absorb a great deal of biting force without placing stress on neighboring teeth. Also, since the titanium root of the dental implant supports a healthy jawbone, it works to prevent deterioration of surrounding bone and gum tissue, which can lead to the loss of more teeth.

Remember, when teeth are missing, your existing teeth may shift toward these openings. When teeth shift, it can throw off your bite. An uneven bite can promote wear and erosion on teeth that are counted on to do most or all of the chewing.

Dental implants may also prompt you to vary your dietary selection and incorporate healthier foods because chewing is that much easier.

What are the benefits of implant-supported dentures compared to removable dentures?

With implant-supported dentures in Ellicott City, MD, there are no pastes or adhesives, no realigns or loose-fitting plates inside your mouth.

When teeth are missing, your jawbone shrinks. Eventually, this means your removable dentures will not fit as well. With implant dentures, your jawbone is stimulated and remains viable.

Implant dentures also mean a stronger bite without slippage.

How do I schedule an exam?

If you’re considering dental implants but would like to learn if they’re right for you, please give us a call. If you’re interested in an exam consultation, a member of our team can set that up for you today. Dr. Sokolosky will be happy to answer your questions about implants and explain other options that may also be appropriate.