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Flossing is good at all ages

March 19, 2019
Posted By: Jennifer Sokolosky DMD
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It is important to teach kids how to floss as early as possible. Until children are old enough to have the motor skills to do it themselves, parents should show kids how to properly floss.

What Parents Should Tell Kids About Flossing

Inform your children that in order to get all of the food out from in the middle of their teeth, they should make sure the floss hugs each side of the tooth. Going against the gums can be painful and doesn't tend to get all the food out. So when flossing, be sure to go as high up as possible (but not too high where you can hurt the gums) and give the floss a shimmy action when going against the tooth.

Our Team is Here to Help

Teaching kids to floss at an early age helps with dexterity and then great oral health as an adult. Make sure your child starts early when seeing a dentist. Our team will happily inform your child on how to keep their teeth clean. Call our office today!

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