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If it's been awhile since your last dental visit, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how technology has made treatment easier and more effective than ever. Dr. Sokolosky and her team are committed to bringing you the highest level of oral health care available, and modern technology helps us achieve that goal.

Digital X-Rays

digital x-raying equipment lies on a table | dental x-rays ellicott city

Digital x-rays are a state-of-the-art dental imaging system. As the name implies, images obtained through digital x-rays can be sent directly to our computer for storage. This allows us to display the images on an overhead monitor and share them with you so that you see what we see. When you can visualize the problem, you will be better able to understand your treatment and why it’s necessary.

There are several advantages to using digital x-rays compared to traditional x-rays that use film. For one thing, the software allows us to enhance and enlarge the image, allowing Dr. Sokoloksy to see even the tiniest changes, which might not be detected during a visual oral exam.

Digital images are also much safer for you because they reduce your exposure to radiation by as much as 90%. Finally, digital imaging is better for the environment since it does not require the disposal of hazardous materials. 

Biolase Soft Tissue Laser

a soft tissue laser sits on a wood table | soft tissue laser dentist ellicott city md

A dental laser works in much the same way as lasers used for medical procedures. A focused beam of light is directed at the area to be treated to remove tissue in the oral cavity. Since it can precisely target the area to be treated, surrounding tissue is unaffected.

Laser dentistry results in less bleeding, minimal swelling and post-procedure discomfort. We find that, in many cases, laser treatment can be completed without the need for an anesthetic. 

Dexis Cavity Detector

a Dexis Cavity Detector sits on a wooden table | dentist in ellicott city md

The Dexis Cavity Detector helps us find cavities in the earlier stages, which often results in minimal treatment to correct. Decay that begins in one of the tiny nooks and crannies of your teeth (especially molars), is very difficult to detect with traditional methods.

When the cavity detector finds a cavity, it lights up the area so Dr. Sokolosky can easily pinpoint the area we need to treat. The sooner we can identify decay, the sooner we can plan your treatment. In many cases, early detection means less involved procedures and better long-term results.

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