Pediatric Dental Care in Ellicott MD

Pediatric Dental Care | MD Smiles | Ellicott CityIs it time to start looking for a dentist for your young children? At the office of Jennifer Sokolsky, DMD, you can be confident that you’re putting their unique needs into the hands of caring professionals you know and trust. We’ve treated lots of kids, and we know that each reacts differently to dental visits. It’s our goal to learn what it is that your child needs to feel safe and secure, and our team can actually make dentistry fun for kids!

Friendly, Compassionate Professionals

If you think visits to the dentist are intimidating for you, just imagine how a young child must feel when seeing a dental office for the first time. They’re in a new place filled with strange faces and sounds. And even we admit that some of our equipment can be a little scary looking for a young child during their first visit.

Putting your child at ease during their first appointments with us is crucial. Many adults who suffer from dental anxiety had a negative experience as a child. We’ve found that the best approach is to start your child off slowly and allow them to get comfortable with us. Our entire team derives a lot of satisfaction from helping kids start off with a positive feeling about dental care that can last a lifetime.

Your Child’s First Visit

We like to start seeing children when all of their baby teeth are in, but no later than age one. The first visit is exciting, but you may also be a little apprehensive. How will your child react? Will they be scared, or will their innate curiosity be enough to overcome any apprehension they feel?

The bottom line is that you just want to know your child is safe and that their first visit with us is a positive experience. Dr. Jennifer Sokolosky loves working with kids, so there’s one less thing you need to worry about! She understands that every child is different, and she will never push a child who’s not ready.

Children's Dentist | MD Smiles | Ellicott CityWe make the first “Happy Visit” fun and stress-free by turning it into an adventure by counting teeth, taking pictures, and giving them a ride in the dental chair. Depending on your child’s age, we may show them how to brush their teeth. Your child’s treatment is paced according to their level of comfort, and we’ll gradually work toward the point where they trust us enough to let us perform treatments like cleanings.

This visit isn’t meant to accomplish a lot of treatment (if any at all), but it is a valuable opportunity for us to talk to you about childhood oral health habits. We’ll discuss brushing and flossing properly as well as advise you about potential problems like thumb-sucking and long-term bottle-feeding.

Please Contact Us to Arrange an Appointment

Our entire team would love to welcome you and your child to our Ellicott City dental family. We make visits fun for kids - from TVs in all the treatment rooms to iPads in the playroom, we do everything we can to make their visits with us as calm and enjoyable as possible. Please contact our office, and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient appointment for you and your child to stop by for a visit and meet our team.